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What is DJfindr?

Your Platform to Discover, Connect, and Elevate Your DJ Journey. Explore sections below.

We are building an ultimate DJ marketplace. Something that should exist already, but doesn’t. Our platform isn’t just about finding events; it’s about empowering DJs like you to shine. Imagine a world where showcasing your talent is effortless, connecting with event organizers from grad parties and sweet 16s to weddings and bars is seamless, and opportunities are boundless.

With DJfindr, you’re not just booking gigs – you’re igniting a journey, from being able to create a sleek DJ profile page to accepting bookings and payments online to messaging your clients, and even getting reviews posted right to your profile automatically.

Screenshot coming soon.

Screenshot coming soon.

Screenshot coming soon.

Platform Features

These are just the start. Our roadmap is extensive. Let's expand together.

  • Discover Opportunities

    Uncover a world of exciting opportunities and events waiting to be amplified by your DJ expertise, putting you in the spotlight for bookings that resonate with your unique style.

  • DJ Profile

    Bid farewell to websites, bio links and Instagram profiles. Embrace a comprehensive DJ showcase on your terms. Showcase your rates, event locations, genres, add-ons like MC and lighting, and much more, all on a professional platform that does justice to your artistry. View a live example.

  • Booking & Payments

    Streamline your bookings effortlessly – set your rates or offer custom packages, and watch them sync directly to your Google calendar with automated reminders. Payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and card processing are all seamlessly deposited to your bank account.

  • Identity Verification

    Foster trust by undergoing a swift, under-3-minutes identity verification process, presenting your clients with an assurance of professionalism that sets you apart in the crowd.

  • Platform Messaging

    Streamline your professional communications effortlessly with our intuitive messaging platform. Keep client conversations separate, transparent, and secure, ensuring a seamless flow of information between you and your clients.

  • Automated Reviews

    Elevate your credibility with automated review requests sent post-events via text and email, with reviews seamlessly populating your DJ profile to spotlight your excellence.

  • Service Protection

    "FindrProtect" by DJfindr safeguards your reputation and bookings. By displaying this badge, you signal your commitment to exceptional service, providing you an armor against unjust claims, enabling transparent transactions, and solidifying your professionalism.

  • More to come

    Keep the excitement for upcoming roadmap features like DJ & Mix Spotlight; Music Distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, and other top platforms; Specialized DJ checking accounts to separate personal and professional' and a universe of possibilities designed to amplify your DJ journey.

Early-Adopter Benefits

We want to partner with DJs that see our vision.

  • Generate Leads

    As an early adopter, you're at the forefront of DJfindr's launch, gaining an advantage in fueling your career. Seize the spotlight by effortlessly connecting with a wider audience, generating leads that elevate your bookings and set you apart in the bustling world of events.

  • Complimentary Upgrade

    Secure your place as a pioneer with a complimentary upgrade to our 'Pro' plan. Early access to superior features, premium tools, and the spotlight you deserve comes standard – all tailored to propel your DJ journey to new heights as our collaborative efforts bear fruit.

  • Targeted Marketing

    Join us as we kickstart the promotion of DJfindr to gather traffic, and in this journey, you'll not only amplify the platform but also reap the exclusive benefits of our meticulously curated Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and affiliative campaigns. This means as we rise, so do you – exponentially.

  • Early Access

    Shape the evolution of DJfindr from the get-go. As an early adopter, you'll gain exclusive, lifetime access to new features before they are unveiled. Stay perpetually ahead of the curve, leveraging these innovations to strengthen your impact in this dynamic industry.


"The road to success is always under construction." - Lily Tomlin (Singer, Producer)

Price and Cost

Success with you, not from you.

We’re thrilled to present our early adopters with an exclusive, complimentary upgrade to our ‘Pro’ plan, a thank-you for joining us in shaping the future of DJfindr.

Why are we doing this? It’s simple: options matter. By extending this, we’re providing you with a premium toolkit to ignite your journey with us. This bold step involves a hefty upfront investment, but is essential to the core of our commitment of building a revolutionary platform.

As we set our sights on growth, we’re investing not only in the platform through paid digital ads to drive traffic, but also in you. We believe that by investing in visionary DJs, we invest in the collective power of our community.

Now, what about fees? We’ve streamlined it to a mere 15% on platform bookings. This transparent approach covers ongoing technical and card processing costs, leaving you free to focus on your craft. It’s a partnership where we succeed when you succeed.

Ready to Amplify Your DJ Journey?

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The Beta version of DJfindr is expected to release by August 31st, 2023. Invitations will be sent to DJs on the waitlist within the week after release. We will stay in touch via email.

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