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We are a marketing and technology organization that focuses on establishing, investing, and growing innovative business ideas and product lines.

Our History

On March 4th, 2015, Parth A. Patel, at the age of 11, an aspiring entrepreneur driven by a passion for business and technology, incorporated PARTH A PATEL LLC in the State of New Jersey, originally under a different name. Our origins are deep-rooted as the parent company to a startup website, a forum-like question and answer website, alike Quora, Ask.com, and Yahoo Answers. The project was abandoned after further research and development, leaving us legally status-ed inactive for 4 years. In April 2018, we reinstated our legal status and took upon our new name, PARTH A PATEL LLC. Now, we act as the parent company behind many growing brands. Our two most recent and successful projects include Brandarrow Agency and brandSuite. Among these, we have other ventures in the works revolving around the fields of marketing and technology. Our scope of work is extremely wide, allowing us to widen our project reaches and goals.

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