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about domains2go

Domains2Go was started in October 2018 and offered a wide variety of online platforming and framework products such as domains, hosting, custom business emails, websites, logos, website builders, themes, plugins and so much more. Domains2Go offered cheap and affordable domain purchases with free incentives and affordable web hosting, domains, apps, themes, etc.

It was merged in March 2021 with Brandarrow Agency, another brand of PARTH A PATEL LLC. The reason came from the fact that Brandarrow was more favored by PARTH A PATEL LLC due to its rapid growth and therefore drove more focus, management, and marketing. Recently, Brandarrow/brandSuite began to provide the same services as Domains2Go as a small part among the many other services it already provides. Due to this: Domains2Go and Brandarrow/brandSuite were logically in competition with each other, and so, it was best to call for a merger and simplify the finances, management, and customer appeal.